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Earlier this week we celebrated our official 2nd Birthday as a company in Australia. This year we’ve gone through quite a journey… come along for the ride!

2 Years Down at Kwasi Studios

Exactly one year ago I was embarking on a trip to Thailand to celebrate a belated honeymoon with some much-needed R&R. When I returned in late July, from both international and interstate trips, I realised that I needed to change things. I needed an office and some people to help me. So I put up 2 job ads in the hope that I’d find a Content Producer and Web Manager. Join Our TeamWith two new members of the Kwasi family on the way, I realised my home office just wasn’t quite big enough for the three of us.  I soon found an office in Modbury and started the application process. By the end of September we had opened the office with 2 new people on the Kwasi team.
Kwasi Studios Big Sign

The Adelaide Advertiser came over and took some shots of the new couches and featured me in the article “Content strategy can ensure website success”. Much to the photographer’s dismay, I wore a purple shirt that blended with our purple cushions…

Around this time I submitted a guest post for Media Cause entitled: A Volunteer’s Perspective of the Online Marketing World

I’d been working on an idea for an infographic about the 6 coolest tech acquisitions from 2012 and was working with a graphic designer (who coincidentally was based in Wroclaw, Poland – my place of birth) on a limited budget. He did what he could and then I put together the final artwork.  Kwasi’s new content producer Rory helped put together the research and words, and started the ball rolling for some high quality content production.

Facebook Pac-Man Acquires Instagram Ghost

Remember when Facebook bought Instagram?


Unfortunately the original web developer I hired didn’t work out, so I put out a call for a replacement. Enter Will & Andy who both interviewed for the role and both tried out at the same time for the week. After discovering their individual strengths I realised that the Web Manager role I’d initially planned for was a bit ambitious, especially for a junior, so I split the post into 2 roles: Junior SEO Guy and Junior Web Developer and hired them both.

And thus the K-Team was born:

The K-Team - Kwasi Studios

It was great having some staff at the office. It even enabled me to leave on the odd occasion. During one of these (admittedly, still rare) excursions away from my keyboard, I was interviewed at Norwood Morialta Falls by Nick Morris for  2 podcasts for his Web Marketing Adelaide series – listen here:

Recording the Web Marketing Adelaide Podcast at Morialta Falls

That was the start of November.  By the end of the month, we had produced Inbound Marketing Town – A Guide to the Sites. It was an explanation of inbound marketing and some of the facets involved, represented metaphorically on a town map as landmarks. We even produced a few hard copies and sent them around to our clients (I may have left a couple behind at the Qantas Lounge or in those pouches on the back of seats in front of you on planes by “accident”). Will’s girlfriend Amye produced the artwork:

Inbound Marketing Town - A Guide to the Sites

I contributed my SEO Predictions for 2013 with a few other top Australia SEOs on Jason Mun’s blog.

At Christmas time that year, Rory wrote a fantastic rendition of the classic Dickens tale with a bit on an online marketing twist in “An Online Marketing Christmas Carol“. Again, Amye did the artwork:

Scene 3 - An Online Marketing Christmas Carol

Next I wrote a guest post on – it didn’t get posted until the 27th of December during the quiet period between Christmas and New Year’s when everyone is away from their computers. The post was about How to Do SEO in 2013 and discussed a change in focus from link building to link earning.

Time to Shift Focus

To kick-off 2013, it was Will’s turn next to produce an article.  He decided to write on “How Can SEO Help Increase Impulse Buying?“, with his blog post also including the first (but hopefully not the last) bacon suit to be featured on the Kwasi Studios website.

Bob in the bacon suit

Not to be outdone by a suit made from breakfast, Rory unveiled his previously-secret skill as an MS Paint Artist, producing blog post Which SEO Companies Do My Friends Use? at the same time.

From Paint to papal, Rory’s next post took a look at the Pope’s Twitter account in Does the Pope Tweet in the Woods? An Analysis of Pope Benedict’s Social Media Presence


Stork delivering new Pope

With business continuing to steadily grow, we decided it was time for another pair of hands on deck.  So,  in a scene not at all reminiscent of the stork/baby Pope scenario above, we welcomed Liz as our account executive, and the fifth member of the Kwasi Studios family.

Shortly after, Kwasi Studios teamed up with the Search Guys to host Adelaide’s first SEO Meetup: Adelaide’s Inaugural SEO Meetup – #ADL1 .  We are 4 down now with a healthy looking community that’s always looking to welcome new members, so come along to the next Adelaide SEO meetup in early August.

Woj and Luke

Will and I attended SMX in Sydney a week later. Despite missing Day 1 of the conference due to a minor car accident, Will rallied to live blog SMX Sydney 2013 Liveblog Day 2 – Thursday April 5. It was a great day with an opening keynote by Rand Fishkin.

Rand Fishkin at SMX Sydney 2013

I was lucky enough to interview Paddy Moogan from Distilled on link building not long after he’d finished his book on that very topic. When I returned, I produced an article going through 7 Insights from SMX Sydney 2013 which I presented at the 3rd Adelaide SEO Meetup.

Facebook’s announcement of a new phone interface change called “Home” presented us with the opportunity to fulfill a dream we never knew we had: dressing Mark Zuckerberg up as ET and trundling him around on our bicycle.  Consider that item checked off the bucket list:

Facebook Home for your phone


Next up was Round 2 of Rory vs Paint to illustrate some points in an article where he tackled Google’s stance on grammar.
Its rain - without apostrophe

Over the next few months we experienced a changing of the guard at Kwasi, with the original K-Team giving way to a new bunch of faces. We formed the new K-Team: KS3 (3rd Gen) featuring Liz, Karthik, Chanelle and Bhanuka.

K-Team 2013 - Kwasi Studios

Chanelle’s time at Kwasi Studios went off with a bang, as her first article Is Your Online Content Defamatory? had us all feverishly checking our Tweets to confirm that we weren’t 140 characters away from a lawsuit.

Next up she wrote a review of 8 video apps in lieu of the announcement the Facebook was introducing video to Instagram after Twitter had launched Vine, a week earlier.
Video sharing

We were recently featured in the “We’re for Jobs in SA” campaign as a business helping employment in the state.

I also did a talk for Interlinkers, a group of international students seeking employment in Australia – here’s the slides:

Things are going great, and we’re all very excited to see what the next twelve months hold!

Update on the goals from last year:

  • Grow the business by double – unlocked
  • Write a monthly article in Search News Central – locked
  • Write a monthly article for my own blog – locked (but hey, there’s more of us now)
  • Write a guest post for SEOmoz (unlocked), MarketingLand (locked) & Search Engine Journal (locked)
  • Attend MozCon (I fly out on Saturday) & maybe another US conference (Link Love, PubCon or one of the SMX’s) – locked
  • New tag line – about 95% complete – (unlocked) we’re going to use “Incoming traffic. Are you ready?” for now. See our Facebook gallery to help decide.

What’s happening:

  • I’m going to Mozcon 2013 – Follow me on your preferred social media site (TwitterGoogle+ | Instagram) if you’d like to see what I get up to
  • I’ll be doing a talk at Rmoov’s Link Removal Roadshow in Seattle – here’s a preview of one of my slides:
    Unnatural Links
  • Will be joining Adelaide’s first corporate BNI chapter
  • Adelaide SEO Meetup #5

What are you up to?