Despite his fears of technology and concerns for the future of mankind, Barlow has found his audience – and lo and behold, they’re online. After taking a degree in journalism at UniSA, he moved to Sydney in pursuit of a career in the media, but soon found himself working for a renewable energy start-up, spruiking the benefits of solar energy.

Barlow Redfearn - Some of my favourite things
Barlow Redfearn - polaroids

After coming away with a degree which left his head swimming in a sea of News Ltd propaganda, Barlow’s cynical views of the mass media festered like a disease. Cynical and jaded about the world of print media, Barlow quickly turned his hand to online copywriting, first as media and communications officer at Enviren Solar and then as a dogged and determined freelancer.

Having arrived back in Adelaide in late 2013, Barlow jumped head first into the digital revolution. And if you’re looking for online content – no matter the topic – he’s your man, come to think of it, there’s precious little he hasn’t written about. Renewable energy, check; climate change, check; advertising, check; theatre, check; cinema, check; food, check – the list goes on. Put simply, there’s nothing that gets this wordsmith more excited than a perfectly formed sentence.

Kwasi’s man of letters is a digital copywriter who lives to write. In fact, if he’s not here writing for us, you’ll more than likely find him up to the wee small hours working on his screenplay or short stories.

Barlow’s Favourites

Movie   2001: A Space Odyssey
Sports Team   Liverpool FC [football] & Hawthorn Hawks [AFL]
Hobbies   Screenwriting & reading
Quote   “Words have no power to impress without the exquisite horror of their reality.” E. A. Poe
Moment in history   Cuban Revolution
Country   Italy
Book   “The Brothers Karamazov” by Dostoevsky
Food   Indian curries