Subtle, softly spoken and polite to a fault, Karthik is the quiet one in the Kwasi office. But don’t let his calm demeanor fool you; like a cheetah stalking through the savannah grass, his quiet conceals an eye for detail, a killer instinct, and a will to get things done.

Karthik Vijay - Some of my favourite things
Karthik Vijay - polaroids

Sri Lankan-born and raised, Karthik spent eight years working at Sri Lanka’s best news service, Express Newspapers. Heading up management and digital media arms, he became adept at keeping track of technical teams while using a soft touch to manage clients’ needs. His ability to see the big picture while managing the small things also made him a deft hand at creating and implementing ways to successfully expand the business.

Moving to Australia with a young family in tow, Karthik set his sights on antipodean success. With the focus of a battle-ready laser, he surveyed the market and made for Kwasi Studios.

Since joining the office, he’s brought a concentration and calm to the inbound marketing department. But just when you think he’s going to put you to shame with his monastic application to work, he’ll politely inform you he’s got something to show you, send you an unseen Youtube video, and have you falling off your office chair, laughing like a drunk at a Christmas party.

When not whizz-banging websites and splitting sides, Karthik is a good ol’ family man, relishing every opportunity to hang out with his wife and son. And like any good Sri Lankan expat, when the cricket’s on, Karthik will be wherever he can watch it, barracking (reservedly) for his beloved Lankan Lions.

Karthik’s Favourites

Movies   Notting Hill
Tv Shows   Big Bang Theory & Mr. Bean
Hobbies   Travelling
Favourite Pet   Dogamatix
Favourite Attribute   Politeness
Colour   Blue
Travel Experience   Colombo to Nuwara Eliya
Food   Seafood
Be Social   Twitter | Google+