From one viewpoint, Liz came into her Client Services Manager role through a roundabout route. On finishing Psychology at uni, she submitted herself to some thorough self-analysis before realising that couch conversations weren’t her bag. She promptly enrolled in Journalism Masters and knuckled down for a few more years of serious studentdom.

Liz Somers - Some of my favourite things
Liz Somers - polaroids

Though she came away with another degree clasped firmly in hand, she wasn’t sure whether sleuthing stories was what she had in mind. She set up camp in a customer service role and contemplated her options. Luckily for everyone in Inbound Marketing Town, Liz soon discovered the ever expanding world of digital content.

Though degrees in psychology and journalism might not immediately scream ‘Account Executive,’ this curious mix makes Liz perfect for the job. With her insights into the psyche, she’s a veritable mind reader, able to follow even the most convoluted thought back to its base. On top of that, her journalistic bent gives her level 11 (out of 10) communication skills. Add her ability to deal with even the most disgruntled customer and you realise she’s the best suited person since Yves Saint Laurent slinked through the streets of Paris.

When not liaising with our killer clients, keeping the team on our toes or lending her linguistic skill to create awesome content, Liz devours books with reckless abandon (figuratively, of course), explores the outer reaches of the internet, and rests her ever-querying mind with yoga and dance.

Liz’s Favourites

Movies500 Days of Summer, An Education
AnimalGoats that Scream Like Humans, closely followed by Animals without Necks
HobbiesReading, writing, dreaming up new and creative excuses to skip the gym
BookThe Secret History (Donna Tartt)
Travel ExperienceGerman Exchange
FoodAnything with cheese on it
Be SocialGoogle+