Around here, he’s known as Woj, but our head honcho was born Wojciech in Poland – a popular Polish name that combines the words for war and joy. It’s an apt title for Kwasi Studios’ founder, who can be found spreading a laugh just as often as he can be found waging war against web problems on behalf of our clients.

Woj Kwasi - Some of my favourite things
Woj Kwasi - polaroids

Woj is an all-round web guru who is just as fluent in IT gobbledygook as everyday business parlance. Sixteen years of working on websites have made him a veritable expert in online marketing and web development.

While most of his experience has been in Adelaide, Woj made the leap to Sydney in 2008 to work in SEO. Naturally, it was only three years before Australia’s most liveable city drew him back. On his return, Woj looked for opportunities to do what he loved, but found that Adelaide had no specialist inbound marketing companies. Being the go-getter that he is, Woj took it upon himself to give South Australia and the world what we think you’ll find is the best inbound marketing service on the planet.

But Woj won’t let his extensive experience turn him into an anti-change stalwart. When it comes to keeping up to date, he’s an obsessive-compulsive. Every morning Woj can be found guzzling the latest developments in SEO and considering how the changes affect what we do. Washed down with his big-picture, evidenced-based approach, it’s a recipe that allows Kwasi to offer the best for your website.

Woj is a complete work-a-holic and when he’s not working to make clients’ websites as good as they can possibly be, Woj can be found spending time with his family and travelling the world. Recently he visited the great city of Seattle to attend mozcon and that was followed by a trip with his wife to New York & San Francisco where he fell in love with Brooklyn and the less touristy parts.

Woj’s Favourites

Sports Team  Brooklyn Nets (since the Seattle Supersonics are no longer in the NBA).
Hobby  Making beats.
People  Ones who read our blog.
Quote  “Be curious, not judgmental.” – Walt Whitman
Colour  Blue
Book  “Seize the Time” by Bobby Seale.
Moment in History  US Civil Rights Movement
Food  Aburi Sushi & Pierogi.
Be Social  Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn

More about Woj…

The year was 1981 and I was born Wojciech Kwasniewski in Wroclaw, Poland. It was an interesting year (so I’m told by my parents) in Poland – a rather historical one. Wroclaw is a beautiful jazz-centric city where the second longest river, the Oder, winds its way through the city giving it reason to have over 100 bridges! A great place to start your journey into this world.

Wroclaw - Town Square

Soon, we left Poland as refugees and lived in a castle in Kapfenberg, Austria. Not a bad little spot really (see picture below of said castle) where my parents benefited greatly from me being a baby in the form of various gifts and accommodation in large chambers. It’s quite a stark contrast to my perception of modern day refugees seeking asylum.

Burg Oberkapfenberg - Castle in Kapfenberg, Austria

A few months later, specifically on the 13th of December, General Jaruzelski (who I just realised as the time of writing is also called Wojciech *shakes fist*) introduced martial law where by Poland was placed in “a state of war“. This meant that there were tanks stationed at the borders making it very hard for anyone to leave or return.

We stuck it out in Austria for a couple of years and my parents were faced with a difficult choice: which country do we move to to start our new lives? The choices were Denmark, the US, New Zealand & Australia. So in 1983 we boarded a plane and migrated to Adelaide, Australia – this has been my base station ever since (apart from a 3 year stint in Sydney).

Note: I initially wrote this in late 2011 while I was helping plan my wedding. I hope to add to it in due course.

Things to add to this page:

  • First trip back to Poland after 20 years to meet my family
  • Second trip to Poland – Tokyo, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, London
  • Moving to Sydney in 2008 – coming back 2011
  • Meeting Tash
  • Sponsoring the Megaroos & Art Through Da Vince’s Eyes Cafe
  • Marrying Tash on NYE 2011

Special Note: At this time I’m ranking #59 for “wojciech kwasniewski” in Google AU – Hopefully, by including my name – Wojciech Kwasniewski – on this page a few times it will help that lol.