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A Roundup of 2013: The Best & Worst of the Internet

A Roundup of 2013: The Best & Worst of the Internet

Taking a look back at hilarious memes, tweets that changed the world and some of the craziness in between: Kwasi Studios presents the weird, the wonderful and the year that was on the web.

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Dead Parrot

Digital Asset Planning: A Grave Subject

Bad news: you’re going to die. Good news: your Instagram selfies will live on. Have you worked out your digital estate plan?

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Doctor Who-ogle

From Around the Web: Online Marketing in November

We take a look at what’s been happening in November – from new social media features to lessons content marketing writers can learn from journalists.

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SA Police on Social Media

(Face)Book ‘Em – SA Police on Social Media

Social media isn’t just a fantastic resource for personal and professional users – it’s also invaluable tool for emergency services. South Australia Police (SAPOL) now use social media to promptly send out missing persons alerts, issue disaster and weather warnings, disseminate images of suspects and provide traffic information, as well as communicate other news.

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How to Make Your Facebook Fans Unlike You

4 Easy Ways to Lose Facebook Fans

Facebook fans, who needs ‘em? They’re always making noise on your page & gifting you with notifications when you have better things to do. Here’s 4 surefire ways to make them flee from your page.

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Defamation online

Is Your Online Content Defamatory?

Is it part of your job to write content for web? Did you know a simple “*innocent face*” brought one Twitter user to the High Court? Here’s how you can avoid the same fate: we lay down the law on avoiding defamatory content.

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SMX Sydney 2013

7 Insights from SMX Sydney 2013

Want to pick up some brand new marketing skills, fast? Look no further than our top 7 takeaway tips from SMX Sydney 2013.

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Facebook Home

Facebook, Phone Home

Want to know more about Facebook Home? Here we take a look at Facebook’s latest foray into world domination, and get you clued in on what to expect.

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What SEO Companies Do My Friends Use

Which SEO Companies Do My Friends Use?

What’s all the fuss about Facebook’s Graph Search? Here we take a look at how it’ll work, how it’ll be used, and what to expect. Featuring Party Graph & Billy Ray Cyrus!

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