A Tidal Wave is Coming, Will Spotify Sink or Swim?

Spotify Tidal

By Trent Howe

Spotify is taking hits from nearly everyone within the music industry, from Taylor Swift to CEOs of major music labels. These public outbursts should be the least of their worries as competitors are lining up to enter the soon to be crowded music streaming industry.

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Screaming Frog vs Wildshark. FIGHT!

Screaming Frog vs Wildshark

By Andre D'Costa

Website crawlers are an integral part of reviewing and maintaining your website. We make sure you know which tool is best for your skill-set and requirements by comparing the Screaming Frog spider tool against the new Wildshark SEO crawler.

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A Brief History of Scent Technology

Scent Technology

By Barlow Redfearn

Sometimes words and images just aren’t enough. For more than half a century inventors have been trying to move us beyond sound & vision. But if history’s anything to go by, new gimmicks like scented texts are destined for failure.

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