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Overcome Your Marketing Challenges in 2014

Overcome Your Marketing Challenges in 2014

What are some of the key challenges marketers face in Australia? What can we do to ensure a campaign is successful across channels? We provide a breakdown of the 2014 Australian Digital Insights Report.

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The Internet turns 25

Happy 25th Anniversary: the Web

On the 25th anniversary of the Web, the invention which has changed humanity forever, Kwasi Studios invites to join us to celebrate the birthday of WWW!

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Dead Parrot

Digital Asset Planning: A Grave Subject

Bad news: you’re going to die. Good news: your Instagram selfies will live on. Have you worked out your digital estate plan?

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Elsewhere on the Internet: Online Marketing in August

Elsewhere on the Internet: Online Marketing in August

It’s been a big month for online marketing! Gmail’s gone tabbed, Google Maps had a facelift, and Facebook’s news feed is as stable as a baby giraffe on rollerskates. We’ve gathered the best links you may have missed on new Google developments, content marketing & social media.

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google authorship

Give your Website a Boost with Google Authorship

You know that you’re kind of a big deal, but does Google? Let Google Authorship boost your authority in the eyes of the search engine, while your site reaps the rewards.

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Facebook Home

Facebook, Phone Home

Want to know more about Facebook Home? Here we take a look at Facebook’s latest foray into world domination, and get you clued in on what to expect.

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SMX Sydney 2013 Liveblog - Day 2 - Thursday April 5

SMX Sydney 2013 Liveblog Day 2 – Thursday April 5

We’re your ticket for a virtual front row seat to the search marketing event of the year. Check out our recap of SMX Sydney 2013 for top tips on all things online marketing.

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6 Cool Tech Acquisitions 2012

Pac-Man presents: 6 Cool Tech Acquisitions

These days, it doesn’t take long for a successful tech company to get acquired by a bigger player. We take a look at a few cool takeovers from this year where each acquirer (Pac-Man) paid (ate a power pellet) to acquire the target (Om Nom Nom Nom the ghost).

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To Tout or Not To Tout from Kwasi Studios

Tout: The Video Twitter

To Tout or not to Tout? That is the question. Tout the “Video Twitter”, is a relatively new social media site that allows you to post 15 second video touts instead of 140 character limited Tweets.

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Favourite Products from CES 2012

Best of CES 2012 Awards Highlights

This year there were some fantastic products on show at CNET’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2012). After watching their “Best of CES video” I decided to do a quick rundown of the award winners.

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