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A Roundup of 2013: The Best & Worst of the Internet

A Roundup of 2013: The Best & Worst of the Internet

Taking a look back at hilarious memes, tweets that changed the world and some of the craziness in between: Kwasi Studios presents the weird, the wonderful and the year that was on the web.

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Bird Attack

Elsewhere on the Internet: Online Marketing in October

As October rolls to an end, we take a look back at the month that’s been. From Twitter announcing its plans to go public to Google’s super simple explanation of How Search Works, we’ve brought you the best of a big month!

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SA Police on Social Media

(Face)Book ‘Em – SA Police on Social Media

Social media isn’t just a fantastic resource for personal and professional users – it’s also invaluable tool for emergency services. South Australia Police (SAPOL) now use social media to promptly send out missing persons alerts, issue disaster and weather warnings, disseminate images of suspects and provide traffic information, as well as communicate other news.

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Kevin Rudd With Barack Obama

Who Will Win #AusPol? Kevin Rudd vs Tony Abbott on Social Media

As Australia approaches its first federal election in the age of Instagram, political campaigning is changing tack. From our prime minister to the independents, candidates are embracing the power of inbound marketing – with highly amusing results. We catch the highlights of the past few weeks; who will win our vote?

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Defamation online

Is Your Online Content Defamatory?

Is it part of your job to write content for web? Did you know a simple “*innocent face*” brought one Twitter user to the High Court? Here’s how you can avoid the same fate: we lay down the law on avoiding defamatory content.

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Pope on Twitter

Does the Pope Tweet in the Woods? An Analysis of Pope Benedict’s Social Media Presence

We look at Pope Benedict XVI’s social media activity with a focus on the @Pontifex Twitter account given the recent news of his impending resignation which has got people talking.

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