As the saying goes, there are plenty of ways to skin a cat. The same goes for websites. Though you might have a few specific tasks you want your website to achieve, there are numerous ways in which to do so. At Kwasi Studios we work out the best way for your website to operate, and as a result, the best way to convert users into customers.

We do a variety of content experiments, including A/B split testing and multivariate testing along with progress reports, analysis, and recommendations, in order to get the most out of your website.

To work out how to best convert customers, we need to determine how they use your site. In order to do this we can run an experiment in which half your customers see one version of you website, and the other half another. By analysing how each performs, we can make necessary adjustments and determine the optimum way to construct your site – the way your customers want it.

Every site is different, and as a result, conversion rate optimisation is never an exact science. With this in mind, we limber up and use a flexible approach, tailoring our methods to what best suits your site. We also make sure your website keeps converting, with ongoing analysis and changes.

Aspects of sites we commonly look at include:

  • Whether customers are completing all the forms on your website.
  • Whether there are too many fields to complete.
  • Whether your site is intuitive to use.
  • Whether there is too much or too little text on your site.

Whether there is a good use of images to encourage engagement.

When combined with our other inbound marketing methods, conversion rate optimisation is a great way to get your site seen and used ahead of your competition.

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Conversion Optimisation: Turning Visitors into Customers!

As the saying goes, “Unless you’re turning 100% of your visitors into customers, your website is broken!”

While it’s nearly impossible to convert every single visitor that comes to your website into a customer, most websites have a conversion rate around the 2-5% mark, or 2-5 enquiries for every 100 visitors to your site. That leaves a lot of room for improvement!

How we can help increase your conversions:

Before you enquire about our conversion optimisation services, we have 5 simple questions to ask you – if you answer “NO” to any of these questions, you need our help.

  • Do you know how many visitors come to your site each day?
  • Do you know your current website conversion rate?
  • Are you happy with the number of enquiries your website provides?
  • Do you have Website Analytics installed on your website?
  • Does each page on your site encourage people to contact you?

Your website is unique, and therefore requires a unique approach and solution, but there are a few key steps, when implemented correctly that can greatly increase the likelihood of someone enquiring through your website. These steps form the basis or our conversion rate optimisation strategy.

What is my website conversion rate?

Your website conversion rate is the number of people who perform an action on your site – whether is an enquiry about your business either by phone, email or contact form or it may be an online purchase compared to the total number of visitors to your site as a percentage.