Have you tried, or are you looking to try, advertising online using Google AdWords? Also known as Pay Per Click Advertising, Google AdWords is one of the most measurable and effective forms of advertising.

You decide not only how much to pay per click, but also which searches your ads will show up for, and how much you want to invest per day. And you only pay when your ad is clicked!

How we can help you with your Google AdWords PPC?

Pay Per Click Advertising can be a very labour intensive activity that most businesses simply don’t have the time or expertise to execute correctly.

We offer PPC Management services to help you properly target your PPC campaign to potential customers.

Google AdWords Campaign Managemnet

What do our monthly campaign management services involve?

  • Campaign management, recommendations, reporting and advice.
  • Each week your dedicated campaign manager will check, review, edit and improve your Google AdWords account. This involves testing new ads, refining keywords, and general account maintenance – to make sure you’re getting “bang for your buck”.
  • Each month your account manager will meet with you to discuss your campaign and provide advice on how you can increase the number of inquiries you receive online, make suggestions on how to improve landing pages, and talk to you about the quality of the leads.

Why clients use our management services:

  • We are Google AdWords experts.
  • We take care of the technical stuff.
  • We explain everything in plain English.
  • We work closely with you to achieve your objectives.

Google AdWords Account Audit

Perfect for businesses with an existing Google AdWords account who are looking to get more out of PPC. We’ll look over your past campaigns and give you real tips on how to improve your ROI.

Google AdWords Account Strategy & Setup

If you think you can handle the ongoing day to day stuff yourself, but would like to make sure your online advertising strategy and setup is done correctly, we can help! With our account strategy and setup package we’ll help you set up your PPC account the right way.