16 percent of the entire world population is on Facebook.  Is your business?  A quick glance at Facebook’s statistics indicate that the social media platform can be a great way for your to engage with your target audience:

  • 16% of the entire world population is on Facebook

  • 71% of Facebook users access it via mobile at least monthly

  • There are more than 2 billion connections between local businesses and individual Facebook users, and 645 million weekly views of local business pages

  • 87% of Facebook users have taken some sort of action offline because of something they saw on Facebook

  • 23% of Facebook users have made a purchase because of something they saw on Facebook

The likelihood is that your competitors are building customer loyalty with Facebook marketing services – and perhaps you are, too. But many businesses struggle to understand the unique dynamic they need to succeed on the platform. That’s where Kwasi Studios can help.

While most people enjoy a spot of Facebook in their personal lives, we’re more familiar with it than most will ever be. When it comes to Facebook pages for businesses, we know what works. We know what makes fans like – and unlike – a page, and we know how to drive them to your site. And while we know how to produce effective Facebook ads, we also know how to maximise the efficiency of your free content.