By: Karthik Vijay on 15-10-2015 in Analytics, General Business, Google, Marketing

Google My Business (GMB) recently updated it’s dashboard, making it more user friendly for all of us. The new dashboard features an improved menu, and clearly distinguishes local & Google+ brand pages, both of which are handy improvements for all business owners. 

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Identify the Listing Type Directly

In the previous versions of GMB we had to click “Settings” in the Cog to find out whether the listing was a local listing or a Google+ brand page. This latest update has removed this step and helps us to identify the listing type directly after entering the dashboard.

New Dashboard

Updated Menu

The new dashboard provides us with an updated menu for all listings under our accounts. The new menu available under “Manage Location” will make our lives a lot easier, as it allows us to manage our individual listings.

New Menu


Provides us with a snapshot of our listing activity, just like in the previous version. So no real change.

Edit Info

This menu item helps us to update/edit our business name, address, hours, etc. In the previous version the “Edit Info” option was provided under settings, which was a bit confusing. Having separate options in the settings will make editing easier, especially for newer users.


Views: This is a useful addition to the menu, and one that’s designed to help us understand the analytics of our GMB listing. Here we can find some useful metrics such as the number of views our listing has had in search results (for both desktop and mobile), handy information to help you with your search engine optimisation efforts. It also allows us to see the number of views our Google+ brand page has received. Posts and photos can be viewed separately.

Views Line Graph

Clicks: Provides us with information relating to the number of users who’ve clicked the website, driving direction & phone number links on our GMB listings, which is now part of Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Clicks Line Graph

Phone Calls: Shows us the number of phone calls made from the listing from both desktop and mobile devices.

Phone Call Graph

Posts: The updated dashboard also provides us with insights relating to your Google+ posts. Insights include: action on the posts, reach, and average action on post. The average action on post metrics are particularly useful for those of us doing content marketing, as they will help us better understand what type of content gets the most interaction on our Google+ brand pages. This data will help us to plan future content for Google’s social channel, and help our postings to become more data driven.

Audience: Provides us with important information for our social media marketing efforts, including data about our followers broken down by country, gender and age of users.


The updated dashboard provides us with a separate menu for the management of our business reviews. And since the reviews function of GMB is such a significant part of why we love the platform, this is a welcome change.


Once again, no big change here. Like the previous version, this element provides us with an opportunity to showcase our business using imagery. Google continues to offer us different image options such as logos, interior, exterior, team and work photos.

Key Takeaways for Business Owners

  1. Check the insights for your listing and identify ways to increase views. Make sure you’ve claimed and optimised your local listing.
  2. Make sure all your business information is always updated, as potential customers are always looking for you. 
  3. Post regularly on Google+ to increase engagement. Share useful articles, videos, infographics, and white papers.  
  4. Images speak louder than words so ensure you make your listing as visual as possible.
  5. If a customer leaves you a review make sure you respond. Responding to your reviews shows you respect your customers, and is a good way to counter negative feedback.
  6. Use trends to track phone calls, as this will help you identify your peak times.