By: Woj Kwasi on 02-06-2012 in CRO, Google, SEO

Google made an email announcement today that Website Optimizer (a tool used to track & measure conversion rate optimisation experiments) will soon be merged into Google Analytics. This move is a continuation of Google’s consolidation process of their suite of products.

Watch the video below to see how Website Optimizer will get integrated within Google Analytics:

According to the men in white hats, Google Website Optimizer will cease on the 1st of August, 2012.

Google Analytics will now have a new section on the left-hand side nestled under “Content” entitled “Experiments” where you will be able to track & measure up to 6 variations of a single page (URL). This allows you to compare a random sample of your visitors & see how certain pages perform.

For example, let’s say you own a pet store named “Safari Pet World” and have a product page selling Fluro Zebras that receives a colossal amount of visitors but the conversion rate is low. You can run 2 or more versions (for simplicity we’ll say 2 – see below) of that page and show half the visitors one page and the other half the other page. After the experiment period has lapsed, you’ll be able to see which page converted better & most likely continue the reiteration process until your conversion rate breaks through the roof!

Fluro Zebra Multivariate Testing

This merged A/B & multivariate testing is a fantastic move as it provides access to a broader audience, such as start-ups & smaller business sites, to trial & test pages. After an experiment has concluded a simple report can be viewed to help define the winner.

Google Analytics - Content Experiments Report

My Thoughts

  • Including content optimisation in Google Analytics & the ability to run multivariate tests from within helps to strengthen the case that SEO needs to encompass all facets of inbound marketing, not just the traditional methods.
  • Continue using Website Optimizer to measure experiments throughout June
  • Create a strategy to transition the experiments over to Google Analytics in the first week of July
  • Execute the rollout in the last few weeks in July.
  • Keep reiterating!

What do you think about the change – good or bad or ugly?