By: Jamie Doran on 17-04-2014 in Content Strategy, Online Marketing, Search, SEO, Social Media, Technology

One of the most exciting things about the marketing world is its constantly changing nature.  Finding new ways to promote products and services, and injecting new life into tried and true tactics, are part of the day-to-day life of every marketer.

Of course, as with any industry, job of a marketer is not without its challenges, a fact highlighted by Experian Marketing Services’ 2014 Australian Digital Insights Report. The report takes a look at the changing face of marketing in 2014,  with marketers identifying the leading challenges they face in their work.  It also delves into the ways that marketers achieve success  across channels in the current industry landscape.

Digital Marketing Challenges in 2014

Experian identified the following as top issues identified by marketers:

  • Collecting and managing structured and unstructured data
  • Branding: Being the point of difference
  • ROI: Tracking and measuring integrated campaign performance
  • CRM: Having the right systems, processes and people in place to build and maintain relationships and interactions.
  • Advocacy: Creating a brand where customer satisfaction is key and loyalty driven through each avenue
  • Personas: Creating and deciphering customer persona profiles. Ensuring data evolves with your customers and is managed accordingly.
  • Organisation: Is your company in its entirety following the same message and briefs? Is the company as a whole moving in the same direction, clued in and keyed up for the same goals?
  • Globalisation: Digital presence across all platforms, consistently updated with fresh, engaging content.

Top challenges identified by marketing leadersImage credit – Experian’s 2014 Australian Digital Insights Report

Communications should be integrated across all channels.  Whilst the platform medium is of great importance, content and measurement remains key in customer engagement and brand awareness.

Identified were the following cross-channel marketing success key points:

  • Big Picture Commitment
    Cross-channel marketing is also a cross-company endeavour, involving the processes of IT, customer service, sales, operations and product development.
  • Processes & Success Measures
    Embrace metrics that arise from data and implement structure, practices, policies and tactics vital to develop and bolster cross-channel programs.
  • Real-Time Customer Insights
    Personas are key. Identify who your customer is and how they operate; how they want to be reached and with what kind of content.
  • Flexible Technology
    Try to implement a single platform to manage, collect and collate data from various touch-points.  This can further be used to manage multiple channels and activities.
  • Harnessing Data & Analytics
    Interpreting customer data will ease in usability and aid in decision-making processes.

What does your business find are its primary marketing challenges? What tactics have you and your team put in place to overcome them?