By: Rory Kennett-Lister on 01-11-2012 in Fun, General Business

Kwasi Studios recently announced a move into our cavernous new offices. Having seen the masses of space, you could be forgiven for wondering who – or what – was going to fill it.

The K-Team - Kwasi Studios

If you were hoping for chrome plated robots with multiple limbs, cold eyes and gnashing teeth, we’re sorry to disappoint. Our three new employees are human to the core. That said, all of them (especially the two tech guys) have such an affinity with computers you question whether they weren’t born to a motherboard.

Though the makeup of Kwasi Studios has increased 400%, with a team of buzzing critical brains, productivity has skyrocketed an estimated 1,000,000%. We’re not quite sure how the maths works, but like magic, we don’t want to question it.

Without further ado, here is a brief introduction to our three newest employees.

William Tran

Junior SEO Consultant
William Tran - Kwasi Studios
You can tell a lot about a man by his pet. Will’s Golden Retriever is called ‘Google.’ If this doesn’t give you a clue that he’s into the internet, it’s probably best that you don’t become a detective. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a cat called ‘Mark,’ so it’s not as immediately obvious that he’s also interested in marketing. Having finished a double degree in IT and Marketing, Will finds SEO the perfect environment to flex his university-honed grey matter.

When he’s not crawling the net and fine-tuning websites he loves to don his kendo bogu (uniform) and hit the dojo (gym) for some intense practice. He’s also an avid photographer, an insatiable eater and a fledgling film buff.

Having moved to Adelaide from Vietnam in 2007 he loves the cool winters – a welcome respite from humid Saigon. In summer he shrinks from the sun and heads inside to an air-conditioned room and some quality time with Google.

Andy Tripathi

Junior Web Developer
Andy Tripathi - Kwasi Studios
Andy loves coding. It’s as simple as that. Basically, he’s a big geek. While many people would tear their hair out at the prospect of having to develop a new web page, of transporting a website from Joomla to WordPress, of building an intelligent database, Andy rubs his temples and warms up his powerful brain for some serious coding. Having worked in web development since 2008, Andy is approaching a guru level of code control.

Even though he’s a proud geek, you’d be wrong in assuming he’s a clichéd computer nerd. Having being born in India, Andy is a die-hard cricket fan, living out his dreams of hitting sixes for his home country by playing club cricket in Adelaide. When he’s not clocking centuries for the Rockets he hangs with his family, indulges in fine cuisine, and of course, plays Xbox.

Rory Kennett-Lister

Junior Content Producer
Rory Kennett-Lister - Kwasi Studios
Having been scarred by his parents’ decision to give him an obnoxiously long last name, Rory attempted to gain control over the words in his life by becoming a writer. He majored in English, got Honours in Creative Writing and somehow picked up a Law degree on the way. Each sentence he wrote felt like a step towards titular justification. These days he has come to terms with his family name, and sometimes, if he’s in a positive mood, considers describing it in such overblown adjectives as ‘robust’ or ‘distinguished’.

Freeing himself from surname monomania has allowed him to turn his mind to other things. His work as a content producer for Kwasi Studios allows him to take on the voice of a multitude of websites, to test his skills in syntax and grammar, and to sweet talk search engines into robotic favouritism.

In addition to copywriting he works as a freelance writer, producing essays, articles and reviews for The Lifted Brow, Collect Magazine, PLACE and many others. He also wrote a novella once, which he sells for exactly what it is worth – $2 USD – check it out here.