By: Liz Somers on 30-10-2013 in Google, Marketing News, Online Marketing, Search, SEO, Social Media, Twitter

Hi there! As another month come to an end, we take a look at what’s been happening around the web in October.

Blame the Bird?

Woman attacked by Google algorithm birds

Got Bird Problems ?

The online marketing world remained abuzz with the fallout from Hummingbird (we blogged about this algorithm overhaul right here on the Kwasi site), and with a Penguin update announced early in the month, plenty of SEOs have been left scratching their heads when their traffic fell.  Before you pin the blame on one bird in particular, take a look at this handy guide to diagnosing the the reason behind your traffic drop.  It’s like WebMD for your website!

Mark your Territory with Google Plus

In news that broke just in time to make this post (we’re sure that’s what the team at Google had in mind when they made the announcement!), Google+ will now offer custom URLs to its account holders.  There are a couple of conditions, but they’re easy to meet: personal accounts need to be 30 or more days old, have ten or more followers and a profile picture, whilst Local Google + pages must be a verified local business. Non-local business pages just need to link to their website. Simple!

Be 1 in (144) Billion

144 billion emails are sent each and every day, which means that your email marketing campaign needs to stand out from a seriously sizable crowd. Have you ever stopped to think about which marketing messages jump out at you from your inbox? This month, Buffer took a look at the email marketing tactics backed up by scientific studies, from ideal subject length to the perfect time to hit send.  We’re taking note- after all, you can’t argue with science!

Want a Piece of Twitter?

If you love Twitter so much that you’d like to snap up a piece of your very own, then October brought you good news: the social media platform is going public! The big news was announced- how else? -via a Tweet.  Does this mean we can start checking our Twitter feeds and call it “reviewing our stock portfolio”?

Twitter announces plans to go public via Tweet

You might not be able to tell from the phrasing of the Tweet, but this is actually pretty exciting news.

What Happens in Vegas…

…is now available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.  If you didn’t catch Matt Cutts’ keynote speech at PubCon Las Vegas 2013, it’s not too late to catch up.  Pour yourself a cocktail, pull up a seat and pretend you’re in the front row:

Make Sense of Search

For a guide to the intricacies of search that’s pretty enough to intrigue even the most technologically challenged among us, take a look at Google’s How Search Works. These colourful graphics and simple phrasing manages to make an astoundingly complex process crystal clear.

How Search Works infographic

That sure is a lot of pages…

So there you have it: October!  What caught your eye over the course of the month? Did you learn something game-changing? Read something mind boggling? Whatever this month had on offer for you, we’d love to know.