By: Rory Kennett-Lister on 26-09-2012 in Fun, General Business, Marketing News

Sound the trumpets – Kwasi Studios has a new office!

After a great year of company growth we have made the transition to a larger, spiced up, bells and whistles office space. And we’re loving it!

Kwasi Studios Big Sign

Given our expertise in all things website related, you could be forgiven for thinking we’ve moved to Silicon Valley, but remaining true to our origins, our new address is 7/977 North East Road, Modbury. Though this might not be the epicentre of the techno-world, with a massive selection of eateries just beyond our walls, there’s plenty here to keep the team at Kwasi Studios charged.

Under the careful eye of Woj, our guru and mastermind, the once-oppressive, pinktastic office has been transformed into a spacious, open plan, light-filled SEO heaven.

Kwasi Studios Office Before/After

Ok, maybe we haven’t reached nirvana yet – but give it a couple of days, and some interior decorating and we’ll be close. The retro-futuristic couches hint at the look the rest of the office is soon to be rocking.

Kwasi Studios - Lounges

After much careful planning and a lot of hard work, Woj is ecstatic with the new headquarters having moved from a home office: “I’m thrilled to be able to open a place that’s ready for rapid growth. The downside is that now I have to wear actual pants to work. No more channelling Hugh Hefner.”

Hugh Hefner / Foldner

Image courtesy of the Facefolding Facebook page

In terms of functionality, the new digs have got everything we could want. There’s a kitchen, bathrooms, ample desk space, and, course, fantastic computers with lightning fast internet connections. Productivity is going to be through the roof.

Kwasi Studios Productivity

Beyond satisfying our professional egos, the new office and additional positions are going to aid Kwasi Studios in delivering the best online marketing strategies. Though our headquarters might have moved, our aim hasn’t. Kwasi Studios is going to continue to provide customers with complete online marketing solutions. As always, we will increase their online presence and their return on investment. And we will improve their search engine visibility while creating exciting and compelling content.

All that from our swanky new offices!

Kwasi Studios Offices

As Woj points out, the new offices leave plenty of space for further expansion. Though he’s currently in the process of filling two positions – Junior Content Producer and Junior Web Manager – he doesn’t think it’s going to stop there. “I’m really hungry to keep the momentum going. There’s a lot of opportunity in the Adelaide market and Australia wide, especially given the importance of content strategy and inbound marketing in a post-Penguin & post-Panda world”.

See this video “Penguin Panda Style” (produced for the SEMpdx event) for a look at how this world could look: