By: Woj Kwasi on 11-02-2012 in Fun, Marketing News, Technology

To Tout or not to Tout? That is the question. Tout the “Video Twitter”, is a relatively new social media site that allows you to post 15 second video touts instead of 140 character limited Tweets. Here is their spectaculor intro video:

I decided to give it a go & here is my very first Tout, where I couldn’t decide whether I wanted my bread toasted or not toasted (starring Isabella):

It has some merit but the 15 second timeframe is very short to record what you need, especially if you are trying to stage something. I could image it would be quite frustrating at gigs or sporting events if you wanted to capture a moment, played it back & found something wrong with the 15 sec footage.

It’s quite good if you have something short & sweet to say but unfortunately does rely on quite a bit of bandwidth to upload each Tout. Here’s another Tout we made featuring Jai doing the “Crazy Crazy Congo” dance with our dog:

So far I’ve found a lot of users that just upload random “funny” YouTubes – not sure why this is allowed or how this adds value to the overall experience. Also, it doesn’t seem like there’s any moderation (correct me if I’m wrong) so it could be harmful if abused by the wrong people.

There are a couple of celebrities on board like Shaquille O’Neal (check out what happens on his birthday):

Does Shaq own it? He has quite a lot of touts up there and seems to be pushing it hard. There’s also a whole host of TV & broadcasting networks on there but not many celebrities. I guess you will need to wait until Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears & Ashton get hold of it & it will get bigger.

At the end of the day, I think people will find it quite cumbersome & annoying to use. I don’t think it will last the test of time. What do you think?